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As a full time employee to ...

  • take on a management position in your mobile business?
  • conceive new business opportunities in mobile industry?
  • take the lead on a web app or mobile development project?
  • revamp a department in your company?
  • launch a new business idea?
  • manage an office abroad?

or as an independent consultant to ...

  • analyze the viability of an idea and pilot its development?
  • help you to look into long(er) term mobile business strategies?
  • independently overlook/tutor your in-house project?
  • help you ‘fix’ and increase your current productivity?
  • explore and open up new possibilities for your mobile business?
  • assuring your project stays on budget, on schedule and on target?

I will not only bring qualifications, experience, high energy and my professional approach to the table, I will release the full potential of my personal and academic resources, embracing the challenges and focusing on the target. Winning is what drives me, and no matter how hard the assignment may seem, if I take it on me, I will proceed to success.

So call me already today and let's talk about your challenges, and what I can do for you?


Profile summary

Glenn is a broadcast pioneer, content distribution entrepreneur and winner by nature. He has an exceptional 25 years C-level career in media-, content-, web- and mobile application-industry, including more than 15 years experience in structured process driven project management.

He is a smart, unrelenting and motivational team-player, an internationally oriented it/mobile-visionary, constantly updated on new techniques, new business trends and strategic opportunities. He jumps into the action with energy, dedication and a razor sharp focus on the target.

- Brian Lyscarz, Design Lead, Schneider Electric A/S

Core Strengths

  • Excellent motivational leadership skills
  • Confident with agile/scrum development
  • Distinct business acumen and solid negotiation skills
  • Strong persuasive communication skills
  • Powerful building collaborative relationships

Highlights of Experience

  • Launching 10+ notable and successful 3-20M US$ start up companies
  • Planning and successfully project managing 40+ mobile/it/web-projects 1-5M US$
  • Acquiring, merging and turning around 10+ companies in broadcast and mobile industry
  • Executing 5 successful and profitable exits

Notable positions

  • CEO, UNGDOMSBOLIG.NU A/S, Privately owned, 2015- present
  • CEO, OVASIO ApS, Privately owned 2010-2017
  • CEO, ZAPPIO A/S, Privately owned, 2012-2015
  • CEO, CAMPFIRE A/S, Privately held 2005-10, funded by Vækstfonden in 2007
  • CEO, RADIO 2 A/S, Clear Channel, More Group, 1998-99
  • CEO, TELE DANMARK RADIO A/S, Tele Danmark (TDC), TV2, Danish Red Cross, 1996-98
  • CEO, NORDISK FILM RADIO A/S, Nordisk Film, 1994-96
  • SVP, RADIO BOOKING A/S, Nordisk Film, 1994-96
  • CEO, UPTOWN BROADCASTING A/S, Egmont, 1986-94

Entrepreneurial endeavours


  • Won "Le Mobile 2.0", 2009, Paris, France
  • Runners up Rising star, Telia Content Award 2009, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 2008, Nominee at Nordic Venture and Arctic Venture
  • Achieved 1M US$ in seed capital from Vækstfonden to Campfire, 2007

Associations and honors

  • Associated mentor for MBA student’s, internships in Entrepreneurial Strategies at CBS 2010
  • Member of “Markedsføring” and Boardmember of “Reklameklubben”, 1993-97
  • Member of National Association of Broadcasters & European Broadcast Union, 1992-99
  • Chairman of Danish Local Radio and TV Broadcasters Union, 1994-95
  • Member of "Regnegruppen" under the auspices of the Danish Prime Ministry, 1994


  • Classic it-project management, Agile/Scrum
  • Business analysis and strategy
  • Mobile business and distribution strategy
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Application UI/UX strategy
  • Native web-application strategy
  • Gamification strategies
  • Entrepreneurial strategies
  • PR and media relation management
  • Product development strategies
  • Business strategies and planning for mergers, acquisitions and sales
  • Business strategies and planning for growth and turn-arounds
  • Fund raising and investor identification
  • Negotiation
  • Mentoring, coaching


  • TDC - Mobile Content Management, Executive Education Program
  • Telenor, Norway, Cable and satellite distribution technology-foundation course
  • Business Finance, Egmont Education Program for Top Executives
  • DTU, E-Line Engineering


  • Danish (Native proficiency), English (Full professional proficiency), Norwegian (Professional working proficiency), Swedish (Limited working proficiency) and German (basic understanding)

Additional personal attributes

  • Decision maker and doer
  • Organized, focused, methodical
  • Cognitive
  • Empathetic
  • Credible, conscientious
  • Extrovert and contact-making

Selected Projects

Client: A/S
Project period: 2014/05 - Present
Project Description: home properties admin

The project scope was initially assigned by Ejendomsinvestering Danmark Aps and limited to planning and development of a online youth-apartment assignment program, where potential tenants under education are invited to sign up to participate in a “lucky-draw” simplifying the property owners recruiting, validating and assigning process of tenants in newly build properties, subsequently making the rental business more efficient.

Following an extremely positive market-response, the project grew to an independant company a/s and expanded to further include a helpdesk, an online move in reservation system, SMS/email-campaigning systems, social media- integration and advertising, including an advanced backend system for administration of properties, available rentals, competitions, winners, assignments, communication, support, validation and administration of tenants.

Link to Project

Technologies: Scrum development in HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, mySQL, jQuery and Ajax included Systems Development based on User Stories, development of contemporary UI and art work design.

Role: Project Manager

Assignee: Lars Kristensen, CEO

Client: Tandrup A/S
Project period: 2014/03 - 2016/02
Project Description:

Tandrup home

Large size Danish company specialising in bathroom accessories, shower heads, shower hoses, shower panels etc. Tandrup provide products for an international market.
The task was to work out a complete proposal for the management, on how to build and maintain a professional B2B web-shop, considering and preserving the companys current ERP system and offline business.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, mySQL, jQuery and Ajax included Systems Development based on Magento, MS NAV2013, TinxIT sync module and development of contemporary UI and art work design.

Role: Advisor and Project Manager

Assignee: Andreas Tandrup, CEO and Simon Mehlsen, CCO.

Client: Ejendomsinvestering Danmark Project period: 2013/11 - 2014/10 Project Description: home home

Danish investment, property development and entrepreneurial company with a portfolio of currently 8 large rental properties in Copenhagen area.

The project included Project Management of the companys IT-projects, development of dynamic web applications, and advising in online marketing strategies.

Technologies: Scrum development in HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, mySQL, jQuery and Ajax included Systems Development based on User Stories, development of contemporary UI and art work design.

Role: Project Director

Assignee: Lars Kristensen, CEO

Client: SECUREX Corporate Geie, Brussels, Belgium
Project period: 2012/01 - 2012/12
Project Description:

The Mela family The Mela/Securex HR Business Game

SECUREX Corporate Geie is the second largest Human Resource consultancy company in Belgium, with more than 1600 employees, 6500 world wide partners and 16000 clients.

The game was developed for SECUREX by OVASIO, succeeding the first game project by Gerhard Hoff/OVASIO and continue the elaborate story about the fictitious company Mela Inc.
This project is based on extensive market analysis, knowledge about game mechanics accumulated from first game version, with new design and smarter game flow. In charge of the complete process from creation of new art work, design and scrum development, to handling live game support, testing and reporting.
Game attracted 15000 active live players in 3 weeks.

Technologies:Scrum development in HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, mySQL, jQuery and Ajax included Systems Development based on User Stories, development of contemporary UI and art work design.

Role: Project Director

Assignee: SECUREX, Piet Rosseel, Marketing & Communication Manager | Corporate & International Markets
Liaison: Frederik Gossele, SECUREX, Marketing & Communication Specialist | Corporate & International Markets

Client: ZAPPIO, Copenhagen, Danmark
Project period: 2012/01 - 2014/03
Project Description:

ZAPPIO html5 application for iOS and Androids

Privately held and funded start up, build to scale, providing advanced mobile marketing services for small to medium size business clients. Concept for creating cross-device mobile applications in a few minutes, complete with CMS client and admin back-end.

Technologies: Scrum development in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, mySQL, jQuery, X-Code, Android SDK and included full Systems Development based Use Cases, UI design, and iterative field tests.

Role: CEO, founder, Project Manager, Developer

Client: SWATCH, THANK YOU and RWATGG, Copenhagen, DK
Project period: 2011/03 - 2011/06
Project Description:

Swatch catalog and painting iPad application

Major watch brand, wanted to build a creative high end iOS iPad catalogue and paintings application for their presentation at the Art Bienale in Venice, Italy.

UI/UX Design specialist Brian Lyscarz and elite iOS developer Stuart Carnie was brought together to create this unique application for Swatch.
Technologies: Scrum iOS development

Role: Project manager

Client: VISIOLINK, Ålborg, Denmark
Project period: 2011/01 - 2011/03
Project Description:

html5 application for iOS and Androids

Visiolink, a danish digital publishing company, needed to develop a generic HTML5 solution enabling PDF catalogues, newspapers and offer magazines to be viewed cross-devices using an automated process, converting print content to digital media.

Technologies: Scrum development in HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, mySQL, jQuery and WebKit.

Role: Project manager

Assignee: CEO, Jens Funder Berg, Visiolink

Client: BANEDANMARK, Copenhagen, Denmark
Project period: 2011/03 - 2011/10
Project Description:

Banedanmark iPad management tool

Banedanmark is a state-owned enterprise that operates under the auspices of the Danish Ministry of Transport and Energy. A Board of Management run the enterprise. Banedanmark has a staff of 2,500, with offices all over Denmark and headquarters in Copenhagen.

BaneDanmark piloted an iPad project, investigating if it would be possible, practical and relevant, to extract and consolidate secure management documents and information, such as agendas, meeting documents, notes, traffic information, news feeds and comments, for optimising the extensive burden of management meetings.

Technologies: As the BaneDanmark infrastructure is built purely on Microsoft Products, the pilot project was developed in cooperation with - Bridge Consulting A/S - BI experts and Gold Partners on Microsoft Products including assistance from Microsoft’s Technical unit in Copenhagen. Technologies involved in project; iOS, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jSon, XML, Microsoft Forefront Gateway and Sharepoint 2003/2010.

Role: Project manager for developing the iOS/HTML5 iPad Interface

Assignee: CFO, Søren Stahlfest Møller, Banedanmark
Liaison: CIO, Kenneth Lau Rentius, Banedanmark

Client: SECUREX Corporate Geie, Brussels, Belgium
Project period: 2011/03 - 2011/11
Project Description:

The Mela Game

SECUREX Corporate Geie. The first game development project for SECUREX. Project was a combination of market analysis, game mechanics analysis and art work design, game design, game development, art work production, live game support, testing and reporting. Game attracted 10.000 active players in 2 weeks.

Technologies: Scrum development in HTML5, CSS3, JS, PHP, mySQL, jQuery and Ajax included full Systems Development based on User Stories, development of new UI design. Iterative field tests.

Role: Project Manager

Assignee: SECUREX, Piet Rosseel, Marketing & Communication Manager | Corporate & International Markets

Liaison, Idea and creator: Gerard Hoff, Managing Consultant | Marketing & Communication CIM

Client: OMEGA Watches, The Swatch Group Ltd, Biel, Bienne, Switzerland
Project period: 2010/06 - 2010/11
Project Description:

In collaboration Grey Brussels and Teedot, the assigned project was to transform a high class printed magazine "OMEGA Lifetime" for watchmaker OMEGA into a state of art multimedia magazine on iPad.

Role: Associated Project Manager

Liaison: TEEDOT, Tony Hanna

Client: Marathon Media, Paris, France
Project period: 2009/03 - 2010/08
Project Description:

Development of an advanced Java Mobile and BlackBerry stand alone client with synchronised sounds and speech with major French content creator, Marathon Media, including mobile adaptation of 56 episodes of the teen tv-series Totally Spies for distribution in France.

Role: Project Director

Liaison: MARATHON MEDIA, Aude De La Villarmois, Directrice Commerciale

Client: Marvel, New York, United States
Project period: 2008/03 - 2010/08
Project Description:

Development of a Live Book application for graphical content with sound, speak and effects in 5 languages developed in Java Mobile for feature phones and Blackberry.

Role: Project Director

Liaison: Marvel Content: Executive Vice President and General Manager, Disney Consumer Products, The Walt Disney Company EMEA.
EVP, Sandrine Raspide, Marvel / The Walt Disney Company EMEA


I take on short term assignments at a daily rate of US$ 1200 (€ 1000 /DKK 7500).
Rate is excluding travel, meals and accommodation expenses and tax.
Long term assignments by individual agreement.

Glenn Lau Rentius

About me

My name is Glenn Lau Rentius. I am married to my beautiful wife Sanne. I have kids and my youngest - Ziggy - is 10 years. We live in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark. I have been pioneering within commercial broadcast media since early eighties. Since 2003, I have been entrepreneur, project developer and manager in digital media and specializing in mobile- and webapp-technologies, online content, communication and business strategies. I love music, cooking, tasting wine, movies, art and litterature. I love to sail and to drive fast electric cars.

If you should request my services, please feel free to tweet me: @rentius, drop me an e-mail: or simply give me a call: +45 40202009, whatever you prefer.

I will be looking forward to hear from you.